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Keyes Commercial Division Director

Business Brokerage Division

The Keyes Company is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida, an organization with 2,500 associates and 4,000 listings on an independent and confidential multiple listing for members only, being the largest Association of Business Brokers in the United States.

The Keyes Business Brokerage clients can trust the integrity, ethics, and be confident that the clients confidentiality is maintained. 


You have made the decision to control your financial future by purchasing a business - Owning a business is the greatest way to build wealth and take charge of your own destiny!


All buyers should meet with a Keyes Business Brokerage professional, however, if that is not possible due to distance, continuous communication by phone or email can be effective. We begin our process by gathering detailed information about you to establish your financial capabilities, your skills, experiences, and your personal life goals.This information helps us gain your commitment to the process and determine the best types of business to pursue. 


You won't feel comfortable making a decision until you understand what it takes to buy a business. We will explain the process and help you understand the realities of the current marketplace. 

You will learn:



Buyer fills out Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Summary of Finances

Buyer reviews the Confidential Business Review (CBR)

Buyer gets to meet (or conference call) with the Seller with the Broker

Submit Non-Binding Offer to Purchase

Commence Due Diligence upon approval of Offer

Preparation of Closing Documents





Now the hard work begins. We will help you search for your business, aid you in signing confidentiality disclosures, get you detailed information on the business, and set up showings with the seller. We will refine your business search and visit opportunities until you decide on a business to purchase. If your search takes longer than a few months, you may need to return to the education step.

Keyes Business Brokerage division can help your clients:


The 10 Do's of Selling Your BUSINESS… 

Are you a business owner at that stage in your life where you are contemplating the potential sale of your company?  Undoubtedly, you have thought about selling a time or two and truth be told, 100% of all business owners have from time to time. YES, It's perfectly normal to question why, when, or how to sell your business.  Let us help… 


Keep in mind that whatever you put into the process is what you will get out of it. Understanding the selling process and being prepared are the key indicators that will establish the tone of selling your business and help you be more comfortable when you are ready.  The selling process is important and requires a huge amount of commitment. Selling your business needs to be a calculated decision based on many factors.


Therefore, when you are ready, recognizing "The 10 Do's of Selling Your Business" will position your company at the right place and help you understand the ins and outs of the process. "to hold


#1. Ensure it's the right time for you to sell your business and understand the reason behind your motives 

#2. Meet with your team of Trusted Advisors 

#3. Housekeeping and maintain accurate books, records, and financials 

#4. Get a business valuation by a credited company/individual to place the proper value on your company 

#5. Secure and uphold confidentiality 

#6. Continue to run your business daily 

#7. Have realistic expectations. Knowledge, understanding and having realistic expectations are the stepping stones to a smooth and successful sale 

#8. Stay involved and active with the entire process 

#9. Be flexible and anticipate buyer requests 

And Finally, #10.

Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate, DO NOT dictate


Depend on your business broker and team of trusted advisors to assist with the negotiations






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Alan Steinberg

Director of Business Brokerage
The Keyes Company

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